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Tools to get prices for used books etc before selling them
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# NAME - script to take an ISBN at the command line, return information, 
	optionally to a CSV file.

Return's Title, Author, List Price, Amazon's Price and the Used Price, e.g.;
Deadline (Newsflesh Trilogy), Mira Grant, £7.99, £4.69, £3.83,

The script will continue looping round asking for an ISBN untill you enter 'q' to quit.

You will need your personal amazon developer's token (can be obtained from

<b> Note</b> The script expect to find a file called ~/.amazon_login and will fail if it can't.
It's a YAML file and follows the following format;

    token: my_amazon_token
    secret_key: my_amazon_key
    associate_tag: tag

# USAGE [options]  


- -f[ile] [=] <file>

Specify file to write the output to [default: AmazonPriceChecker.csv]

- --version
- --usage
- --help
- --man

Print the usual program information

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