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        Backup_my-Google_data  -d -c -r -a
            -d[irectory] specify destination directory
            -c[alendar] download calendar as ics file
            -r[eader] download reader subscrptions in XML
            -a[ddressbook] download contacts in YAML format

    ..Sure, Google "do no evil", but I don't trust them to hold my data
    without me having a backup.

    script to back up;

     * Google Contacts/Addressbook
     * Google Calender
     * Google Reader subscriptions

    You can backup individual members of these via the command line options.
    If none are provided (with the exception of -d in the future), all of
    them will be run.

    *NOTE* unless you provide -d the data files will be created in the
    current working directory.

    <b> Note</b> The script expect to find a file called ~/.google_login and
    will fail if it can't. It's a YAML file and follows the following

     username: my_google_email
     password: my_google_password

    Thanks to David Precious (bigpresh), who put his version on Github