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Joypad ( voting system, for VideoGameDemocracy :

This is python code for running a voting booth, which is powered by a Raspberry Pi and using its GPIO functions.

PreRequisites: apt-get the following:

python-tkinter python-imaging python-imaging-tk python-pygame

HW should have GPIO inputs pulled down, we detect on rising edge.

Execute with :

sudo python

Pre-configure your voting by editing the resources directory, files should be like this:

file description
1a.txt Text file containing the first vote heading for the left column (column A)
1b.txt Text file containing the first vote heading for the rightt column (column B)
1a.gif or 1a.jpg The first vote image file for the left column
1b.gif or 1b.jpg the first vote image file for the right column
2a.txt second vote text ...
2b.txt second vote text ...
2a.gif second vote image ...
2b.gif second vote image ...

Certain code settings can be modified inside

setting name description
timerSeconds How long people get to vote (in seconds)
timeOnVoteResults How long should the system stay on the vote results screen for before moving on to the next vote

Contact Joypad Management for more information. Code written by Kris of Switch Systems Ltd.