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Helm Spotify

A simple Emacs interface for Spotify that makes good use of helm.



See how the first version was coded in 16 minutes.


If you’re hooked up to MELPA:

M-x package-refresh-contents
M-x package-install RET helm-spotify

Alternatively just grab the single helm-spotify.el file and install that in your preferred way.


M-x helm-spotify and type a search string.

(The search begins after you’ve typed at least 2 characters. You can use space-separated terms for psuedo-fuzzy matching.)


C-nNext item.
C-pPrevious item.
RETPlay this track.
C-zPlay this album.
TABMore options.
C-h mFull list of keyboard shortcuts.


Ready to use.

Currently OSX & Linux only. Windows support is available, but partial. Please contribute the code for your platform, if you can!

Supporting Other Platforms

Find out what emacs says your system-type is. (C-h v system-type). Let’s say it shows the symbol ms-dos. Then you need to write this function:

(defmulti-method spotify-play-href 'ms-dos
  ... href is a string that's something like "spotify:track:5Yt80fWRB8JG73XlPjrrKP"
  ... here, you write any code that will cause Spotify to play that href.

Then submit a pull request!


Thanks to Anders Eurenius for supplying the Linux portion of the code. Thanks to Kungsgeten for supplying the Windows portion of the code.

I tip my hat to the team behind Helm, to Steve Purcell (for Melpa), and to Christina Whyte (for Emacs Multimethods).

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