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Jekyll Template

This is a minimalist template project for jekyll that you can customise to suit your needs. The idea is to get you up and running with analytics and comments and feedback as quick as possible.

I suggest you follow the jekyll quick start instructions to create your blog and then sync this template over it:

gem install jekyll
jekyll new my-awesome-site
git clone
rsync -av --progress jekyll-template/ my-awesome-site/ --exclude .git --exclude
cd my-awesome-site
jekyll serve


I prefer markdown, but you can use a number of supported markup formats.

Pygments (code highlighting)

Assuming you have python installed with easy_install available:

sudo easy_install Pygments

Rake tasks

The following tasks are available (use rake -T to list them):

rake build        # Build site with Jekyll
rake check_links  # Check links for site already running on localhost:4000
rake clean        # Clean up generated site
rake deploy       # Build then deploy using rsync
rake server       # Start server with --watch

The deploy task is simplistic and uses rsync to copy the generated site to your server. You will need to replace the username, servername and path as appropriate.


There are a number of values in _config.yml to customise your site. Change as appropriate.

Additionally, you can override and add additional values on a per page or post basis by adding variables into the front matter. Support for the following is baked in:

  • last_updated - will render updated date as well as original post date
  • superseded - reference to a another post url

The following enhancements are baked in and enabled if you provide the configuration required.


A template for jekyll



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