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Franz plug-in for Teamwork Chat
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Teamwork Chat Plug-in for Franz

A simple plug-in for Teamwork Chat.

Logos are from Teamwork's official press media kit so I guess using them here is okay. Any copyright of course belongs to them.


This is currently not in Franz' main channel so to install the plug-in you have to copy the contents of this folder (not the folder itself!) to

  • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Franz/recipes/dev/teamwork-chat
  • Windows: %appdata%/Franz/recipes/dev/teamwork-chat
  • Linux: ~/.config/Franz/recipes/dev/teamwork-chat

and restart Franz.

If you chose hosting your Teamwork team in the EU you will have to add the .eu part of the URL as part of the team name.

How to create your own Franz recipes:

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