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Tutorials for MESS 2019
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Tutorials for the MESS 2019


  1. Make sure you have enough free disc space. We recommend at least 20 GB of free disc space to avoid any unforeseen problems.
  2. Install git ( There are various ways to install it. Make sure this works before your travels.
  3. A conda installation with the required packages.

To install conda, navigate to this website:

We recommend the installation of the Miniconda distribution ( but you are free to choose the full Anaconda distribution.

Once you installed the version for your operating system please run the following command (in a terminal on OSX and Linux, conda install a special terminal on Windows - use that).

$ conda create -c conda-forge -n mess_2019 python=3.6 jupyter numpy scipy "matplotlib<2.2" cartopy obspy keras tensorflow scikit-learn seaborn pandas ipywidgets python-graphviz h5py statsmodels

Special Step on Windows

One more step is required on Windows:

Run: conda env list and define where your environment resides:

$ conda env list
mess_2019      C:\Anaconda3\envs\mess_2019

open that path in windows explorer and then navigate to


there should be 3 files, delete them!

Resetting and Updating

You can always reset and update the repository. THIS WILL DELETE ALL OF YOUR CHANGES!!!

$ git reset --hard HEAD
$ git pull
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