Python library for multitaper spectral estimations
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mtspec - Multitaper Spectral Estimation

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Consult the documentation for all the details - this is the short version. If you use conda, just do

$ conda config --add channels conda-forge
$ conda install mtspec

Otherwise, make sure you have gfortran and numpy installed and run

$ pip install mtspec

About mtspec

mtspec is a Python (ctypes) wrapper for the Multitaper Spectrum Estimation Library mwlib.a by Germán A. Prieto.

Prieto, G. A., R. L. Parker, F. L. Vernon. (2009),
A Fortran 90 library for multitaper spectrum analysis,
Computers and Geosciences, 35, pp. 1701-1710.
doi:10.1016/ j.cageo.2008.06.007

It enables you to calculate Slepian windows, perform multitaper spectral estimations with various options, calculate Wigner-Ville time-frequency distributions, and construct coherence spectra with multitapers.