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mtspec - Python Bindings for multitaper "mtspec" f90 Library by German A. Prieto

We are currently in the process of moving the project to GitHub. It was originally hosted at

About mtspec

mtspec is a Python (ctypes) wrapper for the Multitaper Spectrum Estimation Library mwlib.a by Germán A. Prieto.

Prieto, G. A., R. L. Parker, F. L. Vernon. (2009),
A Fortran 90 library for multitaper spectrum analysis,
Computers and Geosciences, 35, pp. 1701-1710.
doi:10.1016/ j.cageo.2008.06.007

It currently wraps version 3.1 of the library. This is mainly due to later versions using FFTW which would introduce additional dependency.

The following methods are currently wrapped:

  • mtspec: Wrapper method for the mtspec subroutine.
  • sine_psd: Wrapper method for the sine_psd subroutine.
  • wigner_ville_spectrum: Wrapper method of the modified wv_spec (wv_spec_to_array) subroutine.
  • mt_coherence: Construct the coherence spectrum from the yk’s and the weights of the usual multitaper spectrum estimation.
  • dpss: Wrapper method for the dpss subroutine in the library.

Documentation and Tutorial

The documentation can be found here, together with a short tutorial.


  • Currently runs on Linux (32 and 64bit), Mac (32 and 64bit) and Windows (only 32bit).
  • Dependencies: numpy, distribute, gfortran (not necessary for win32)

After cloning the repository, run either of the following two commands to install it via easy_install or pip, respectively:

python install
pip install .

Running the tests

Running the tests is a simple case of

python -m mtspec.tests


In case you get the error message "Internal Error: printf is broken" you can use the following workaround:

export LC_ALL=C

This is a known gfortran bug, see the bottom of for an explanation.

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