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This whole project is deprecated, use Weinre

ibug: Firebug for your (i)Phone

Debug JavaScript on your mobile device from the comfort of your desktop browser.

Originally developed by Joe Hewitt: - Subversion

This is rough around the edges.

Tested running on Chrome OSX with a 3.0 iPhone 3GS.


  • Download and install Node.js:

  • Run the server: node server.js.

  • You can specify host/port if you'd like: node server.js

  • Point a browser at the server, http://YOUR_IP:8001/. This is your console.

  • You can use as YOUR_IP but this will not work on an actual device.

  • Paste <script type="application/x-javascript" src="http://YOUR_IP:8001/ibug.js"></script> into the page you want to debug.

  • Open the page you want to debug in your phone browser. This is your client.

  • Type alert('Hello world!') in your console window, if your phone displays 'Hello World' you are in business...

  • It will then act like a firebug console, you can examine variables by typing their name... To get a proper breakdown type console.dir(varName).

  • The following console functions are supported: console.log, console.debug,, console.warn, console.assert, console.dir, console.dirxml,, console.groupEnd, console.time, console.timeEnd, console.onError, console.$ (shortcut for document.getElementById), console.$$ (shortcut for document.getElementsByTagName), console.command (default action)