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Topcoat Touch

Build Status

See for more details.

A very simple mobile framework that uses Topcoat CSS framework to create mobile applications. inspired by jQT, it can be used either with a single html document with multiple pages, or using a collection of controllers and templates. It uses a collection of optional libraries to provide most of the functionality for a mobile framework:

  • jQuery or Zepto to provide DOM manipulation.
  • iScroll is an optional plugin that can be used to provide smooth scrolling automatically.
  • hammer.js is an optional plugin to allow TopcoatTouch to provide event brokering for mobile touch options (swipe, tap, hold, doubletap, drag, roate, pinch, etc).
  • lodash is a plugin that is only required when using templating strategy, of course you could also use underscore.
  • Currently the default templating engine for the MVC style is underscore, but you can easily use Handlebars or Mustache. See tips and tricks for a simple example using Handlebars or Mustache. There is also an example using handlerbars. Or you can also easily add your own templating engines following these examples.

It has a generator for Yeoman that allows for rapid initial creation of your project, as well as integration with phonegap/cordova and grunt.

Uses some of the CSS for page flipping from the Christopher Coenraets topcoat/backbone example and screencasts.

Read more about why topcoat-touch was created on my blog post, It Appears You are Building A Framework

  • Getting Started -- Getting started with topcoat touch.
  • Wiki - Browse the Wiki for more detailed documentation.
  • Faq - Small Faq for now, but will expand over time.
  • MVC Example App - Check out the MVC example app in the source code to see how to create an MVC Topcoat Touch App
  • Single Document Example App - Examine the Single Document App if you are going to create a small app and want to keep things as simple as possible.