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Examples for Klampt in C++, Python, and Jupyter notebook
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Examples for Klampt in C++, Python, and Jupyter notebook

See Klampt repository for details on how to install Klampt on your system.


  • data: world, robot, and object data files.
    • objects: object files
    • robots: robot files
    • terrains: terrain files
    • simulation_test_worlds: for use with Klampt's SimTest to debug the simulator
    • motions: various motions, for use with Klampt's RobotPose and TrajOpt
  • Cpp: C++ examples. These will need to be built using cmake, Klampt, and Klampt's dependencies.
  • Python: Python 2.x examples.
    • demos: various demos of Klampt's Python API features
    • exercises: basic robotics exercises
    • testing: testing Klampt's Python API
    • utils: various utility programs that may be useful for you
  • Python3: Python 3.x examples.
  • Jupyter: Jupyter notebook examples, using Python 2.x.


  • NASA ATHLETE (data/robots/athlete.rob)
  • Rethink Robotics Baxter (data/robots/baxter.rob, baxter_col.rob, and baxter_with_parallel_gripper_col.rob)
  • AIST HRP2 (data/robots/hrp2.rob)
  • KAIST's Hubo-II+ (data/robots/huboplus.rob)
  • A human hand model (data/robots/humanhand.rob)
  • Kinova Jaco (data/robots/jaco.rob)
  • Willow Garage PR2 (data/robots/pr2.rob)
  • Unimate Puma 760 (data/robots/puma760.rob)
  • RobotiQ 3-finger gripper (data/robots/robotiQ_3finger.rob)
  • Staubli TX90L (data/robots/tx90l.rob)
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