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Klamp't C++ Manual

v 0.8.4

This manual documents the following main components of the Klampt C++ API:

Other documentation includes:

Tutorials are available in the Tutorials folder.

  • Install Klampt (Linux, Windows, Mac)
  • Build and edit a world file(Apps)
  • Generate a path/trajectory from keyframes (Apps)
  • Animate a video of a path/trajectory (Apps)
  • Simulate the execution of a keyframe path (Apps, C++)
  • Implement a custom controller for a simulated robot (C++)
  • Process clicks on the robot or world (C++)
  • Set up a simulated camera sensor and save frames to disk (Apps)
  • Import and calibrate a URDF robot (Apps)
  • Solve an inverse kinematics problem (C++)
  • Grasp an Object (C++)