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Kris Hicks

San Francisco
<> <LinkedIn>

About me

Hi, I'm Kris. Back in 2007 I taught myself enough Ruby to automate parts of the job I had then. Since then I've worked in a variety of domains and technologies as a software engineer, site reliability engineer, and solutions architect as well as doing project management and product development.

What I look for in a workplace

  • Feedback-friendly culture with short feedback cycles
  • A working environment where questions are seen as essential for knowledge transfer and growth
  • Ability to use whatever tool is most suitable to solve a problem
  • Access to a standing desk and a Linux workstation
  • Relative quiet (loud, open floorplans packed with people aren't for me)
  • A robust software engineering practice using some kind of project management tool (e.g. Pivotal Tracker) or the desire to do so
  • "Agile" development process; basically any process that includes short iterations, frequent production releases and quick feedback rather than a waterfall process

What I want to continue doing

  • Be a multiplier for other engineers, internal and external
  • Work on infrastructure-as-code and continuous integration/continuous deployment
  • Development in Go
  • Use agile methodologies to build software
  • Interview stakeholders, discover problems, create solutions
  • Deployments onto Kubernetes

What I want to start doing

  • Development in another language, possibly Rust

Work Experience

Currently: SWE-SRE at LightStep

  • Created robust build and release pipelines in Concourse
  • Dockerfile updates to build Go binaries uniformly and quickly
  • Created multiple developer tools for managing Let's Encrypt certs, CI pipelines
  • Extended existing developer CLI tools for managing deployments
  • Created a system for recording upgrades of helm charts for tracking developer KPIs including time from code merge to deploy
  • Led security-focused work to remove secrets from Git repositories, restrict secrets to least-privileged access
  • Instrumental in transition to a monolithic Git repository
  • Led conversion of existing infrastructure to Terraform, used Terraform for new infrastructure
  • Lots of work with helm charts to standardize config

Previously: Staff Engineer at Pivotal (2014-2017)

  • R&D on Cloud Foundry
    • Led a revamp/refactoring of the Cloud Foundry CLI (Go)
    • On the Security Enablement team implemented a mechanism to scan all Cloud Foundry git repositories for secrets
    • Various work on BOSH, BOSH CLI, Diego
  • Concourse
    • Worked on many aspects; BOSH release, scheduler, CLI
  • Solutions Architect
    • Devised multiple solutions for Comcast in their transition to Pivotal Cloud Foundry
    • Created documentation/mititgation for multiple network-related Pivotal Cloud Foundry CVEs
  • Customer[0]
    • Took over an internal project and made it into a viable customer-facing product, pcf-pipelines, which uses Terraform and Concourse to deploy Pivotal Cloud Foundry
    • Created pg2mysql to migrate PCF customers from PostgreSQL to MySQL, the third such attempt and the only one that worked
    • Brought in as a champion of PCF and knowledge expert regarding multiple aspects of PCF during pre-sales calls

Past Roles