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Welcome to the gatling wiki!

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The documentation has been divided in three parts: general information, the user documentation and the developer documentation.

General Information

Everything you need to know about the project: Why Gatling? Who made Gatling? Why is Gatling better? Why is Gatling different? ...

User documentation

This is the documentation for end users. You'll find a tutorial that will get you started with Gatling, the complete reference of Gatling and Cookbooks to help you in specific tasks with Gatling. It also contains a list of extensions available for Gatling.

Developer documentation

This part dives into the code of Gatling. It should be read by curious people and developers wishing to contribute to the project.


Even if we do our best to keep this documentation up-to-date, it may miss some information. Feel free to create an issue if you find any mistake, thank you.

Also, as we mainly use Unix environments to work on/with Gatling, Windows documentation may contain errors, please help us have it the right way :)