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If you want to contribute to Gatling, you can do so by different ways.

Filing issues #

You can file issues on the issue tracker (located here on Github) to:

  • Say that you've found a bug. Before filing an issue :
    • Make sure it's indeed an issue and not a misusage. If you're not sure, feel free to ask on the Google Group.
    • Please check if a similar one doesn't already exist.
  • Say that there is a missing feature. We try to think about many things, but smart ideas are always welcomed and we are eager for user experience.
  • Say that you've found spelling errors in the wiki. We tried to be perfect, but it is incredibly hard... ;-)

Providing code #

We chose Github for its community oriented workflow. If you want to provide code for Gatling, please follow Github's way.

  1. Fork the project onto your own account
  2. Read Development Environment to install what is needed on your computer
  3. Code
  4. Commit and push to your own branch, on your own repository. Try to find a good name for your branch, if your modification is to close an issue, please let us know.
  5. On Github, go to your branch and create a Pull Request
  6. We will answer as soon as we can

Note: Please be aware that you can not provide code for gatling-highcharts due to license restrictions.

Support us #

We don't ask for money, but we'd love to know if you spoke about us. If you write a blog post on Gatling, please, let us know!

Community #

Mailing List

The mailing list is hosted on Google Group at!forum/gatling.

Note: Before asking the community for help, please read the tutorial, search the reference, read the FAQ and look for any existing conversation about your problem before creating a new one :-)

Social networks

Gatling is present on some social networks, follow us for updates about releases and tips.


Follow @GatlingTool. You can also use the #gatling hashtag when talking about Gatling.


Add Gatling to your Circles.