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If you are here, chances are that Gatling does not work as expected. To help you fixing the problem, here is a list of common problems and their solutions.

Q: Why the hell did you move gatling-highcharts into a dedicated project?

Highcharts and Highstock are javascript libraries whose licence is not open-source friendly. We pay licence fees so that we can package and distribute them and let people use them for free, but this module can't be open sourced.

We really want to keep as much code as possible under Apache 2, so we move the reports generation library implementation into a separate project.

If anyone can come with an Apache 2 licenced solution that's as sexy and plug-and-play as Highcharts and Highstock, we'd gladly make it the default implementation and integrate it into the main project!

See Licence section

Q: I built from sources and got a java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/excilys/ebi/gatling/charts/component/impl/ComponentLibraryImpl

See up here, the Highcharts based charts implementation is hosted in a separate project. You have to build it too, and what you are trying to run is probably the gatling-charts-highchartsbundle.

Q: When I launch my simulation, I get a StackOverflowError, What can I do?

It is likely that your simulation contains a very long method chain. You can follow this advice and cut your simulation or increase in the launch script the stack memory size with the -Xss switch.

Q: How do I set up the Grizzly provider instead of the Netty one?

Gatling comes by default with Netty, but one can configure it to use Grizzly instead:

  • download the jars for Grizzly, for exemple on maven central:
    • org.glassfish.grizzly/grizzly-framework
    • org.glassfish.grizzly/grizzly-http
    • org.glassfish.grizzly/grizzly-websockets
    • org.glassfish.gmbal/gmbal-api-only
    • org.glassfish.external/management-api
  • drop those jars in Gatling lib dir
  • configure Gatling to use Grizzly instead of Netty: change Netty into Grizzly in gatling.conf in conf directory

Q: I get a "Connection timed out: no further information to http://gatling-tool.org", what happens?

Since 1.2.0, Gatling has an option for sending a request in order to warm up the engine and have more precise statistics during the run. This option is enabled by default and http://gatling-tool.org is the default url.

If Gatling can't reach out this url either because you don't have a connection, or because it requires a proxy configuration, you'll get this stacktrace.

Either disable this feature, or change the target url. See documentation here.

Q: I haven't found my problem listed, What can I do?

Your problem might be new, you can ask for a solution on our Google Group