Getting Started

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In this quick start guide, you'll follow the minimal steps to have Gatling up and running in no time.

Getting Gatling #

You can get Gatling bundles as a .tar.gz or .zip file here.

Warning: Don't get confused, the Github buttons Download as zip and Download as tar.gz are for downloading the sources! To download the binaries, use the links below them.

Requirements #

Gatling is compiled with JDK6. The launch scripts set up JVM options that may only be available since latest JDK6 versions.

If you use an old JDK6, please consider upgrading, or edit the scripts for removing the unsupported options.

If you use an JDK < 6, you have to upgrade.

Installing Gatling #

Just unzip the downloaded bundle to a folder of your choice.

X-platform users: don't use a path with spaces in it.

Windows users: we recommend that you do not put Gatling in Programs folder as there might be permission issues.

Configure your OS #

Depending on your OS, you might have to tweak a few options so that you can massively open new sockets and reach heavy load.

For example, on Linux, you imperatively have to increase the number of files you can open with ulimit -n.

You could also have to increase your ephemeral port range or tune your TCP time out so that they expire faster.

Running Gatling #

Gatling offers a command line interface (CLI) that can be run using the following command:


Windows users: you can double click on the gatling.bat file located in GATLING_HOME/bin

Once executed, you should see a menu with the simulation examples:

Collecting simulations...
Choose a simulation number:
  [0] advanced.AdvancedExampleSimulation
  [1] basic.BasicExampleSimulation

To run a simulation, simply type the number of the simulation you want to run, choose a name for the folder where the results will be generated, and a description for the run.

And... voila!

Note: If Gatling does not work as expected, see our FAQ.

Going further #

This is how Gatling works, now you have to write your own simulations. We provide you with several resources to learn how to do it:

  • The sample simulation scripts in the user-files folder will give you a sneak peek of what Gatling scripts look like
  • The First Steps with Gatling explains how to write a simulation and run it
  • The Advanced Usage page goes deeper and describes advanced features of Gatling
  • The Reference articles explain Gatling components in details