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Undo : u
Redo ctl-r
Create New line : o
to yank/copy: yy
to paste : p
to go to end of file : shift g
to go to end of line : $
to go UUto start of line : 0
visual mode : v
indent use : < or >
delete character : x
delete word : dw
delete line : dd
delete word and insert : cw
indent whole file : gg=G
go n lines up : 5k
go 5 characters left : 5h
clear highlighting : :noh
copy a word : yw
copy from cursor to end of line : y$
go to line : 5G
delete 2 lines : d2d
Select All in visual mode : ggVG
Append at end of word : ea
Enter replace mode : R
Replace one character : r
Join line below with line above : J
Choose from autocomplete : ctrl p
Jump to matching parenthesis : %
Jump to Line
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