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A free tool for scheduling posts to Reddit.
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A free service for making scheduled posts to Reddit. It's available at or you can download the code and host it yourself!


If you want to host your own version of Cronnit you can:

sudo apt install php-cli php-sqlite3 composer
git clone
cd cronnit
composer update
cp config.php.example config.php
nano config.php
cd public_html/
php -S localhost:8080

If you don't have MySQL you can use SQLite instead in your config.php file:

'dbdsn' => 'sqlite:foo.db',
'dbuser' => '',
'dbpass' => ''

For client_id and client_secret you will need to create a Reddit app using a callback URL of http://localhost:8080/


If you find Cronnit useful as a tool or source please consider making a donation!

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