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Pocket Info for Dota2

Open source React Native app that keeps track of Dota 2's heroes, items and player statistics

... app landing page



If you've made a contribution to Pocket Info, make sure to drop an e-mail about it at explaining (and/ or pointing to) the contribution, so that if in the future the app will have premium features, you'll get them for free! You will also be featured in a dedicated Contributors page within the app, and have my gratitude and also that of the people enjoying your contribution ☺️.


As a general rule, please don't make the text lengths much longer than the original English ones, as this might affect Pocket Info's appearance.

If you'd like to contribute to the app's translations, check out Pocket Info's crowdin page. The sign-up process and hands-on translation process are really straightforward.

Currently, the supported languages are:

Language Wiki App Stats
"de-DE": "Deutsch"
"en-US": "English"
"es-ES": "Español"
'fr-FR": "Français"
"ja-JP": "日本語"
"ro-RO": "Română"
"ru-RU": "Русский"

The languages which are partially supported (heroes and items only), will be represented by a no sign in-app.

... not managed by Pocket Info

Please take note that the Dota 2's heroes/ items/ patch notes descriptions and other in-game texts are translated by Valve, and that the Stats screen is Open Dota's. As such, Pocket Info cannot be responsible for any missing/ wrong translations in the above mentioned places.

The wiki data - comes from the game files, so the wiki translations are already made (but sometimes incomplete - i.e. patch notes). If you'd like to help translating the Dota2 game itself, you can try enrolling with Steam Translation.

The stats section - comes from OpenDota. If you encounter any translation problems with this section, you can help them out here.

Patch notes

Several language don't have the full Patch notes in Dota 2's game files.

For instance, at the time of this writing, the Japanese language does not have Patch Notes.

Missing patch notes are imported from English.

App development

Pocket Info is developed using React Native, via Expo.



  • fork this repo
  • yarn or npm install in the root folder
  • expo start in the root folder
  • on an (Android/ IOS) emulator, or on an actual physical device, install the Expo client (the expo-cli can do that for emulators, read the docs). It's much easier on an Android emulator/ device, as for IOS you have to own an app in order to view it with Expo
  • ... Javascript/ React Native away!

Merging the changes

If you're satisfied with the added functionality or bugfix you wrote:

  • make sure you used a similar code style to how the app is written (not much here, pure ES6/ React way, double-space tabs)
  • make a pull request
  • while doing the pull request, make sure to be as explicit as possible regarding the change(s) made

Copyright information

Wiki data

The Dota 2 game, logo, the contents of game files (heroes, abilities, items, patch notes, tips), as well as their artwork/ names/ descriptions are © Valve corporation.

Dota 2 game files and images provided by Elo, through Dota buff and parsed by Pocket Info's own data generator service.

Player statistics

The data presented through the Player statistics screen are information collected, parsed, displayed and owned by Open Dota.

For an even more in-depth analysis of your player profile, it is recommended to open their website on a desktop/ laptop computer and create an Open Dota account.

Pocket Info is hereby not created, sponsored or endorsed by any of the companies mentioned on this page. It only uses open source data.


You can read the app's license here.

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