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This is an online map of Middle Earth. The front-end is entirely static on posted from the www/ directory. Most of the static content is generated from spreadsheets, hand drawn graphics, SVG layouts, and assembled and processed with a variety of tools.


It is dangerous to go alone. Take these!

  • Python Imaging Library (PIL)

  • Numeric Python

  • Inkscape

  • Gimp

  • Python JSON library (json, simplejson, or the one in django will do)

  • Django Python (for templates, generating articles)

    apt-get install inkscape gimp python-imaging python-numpy

The large graphical content is not in the git repository. These can be downloaded from

make archive/components contains all of the manually constructed bitmap components for the geography and label layers.

make archive/sources contains all of the original scanes from which the components were manually constructed. these graphics are not necessary for generating the site. they exist if any of the components need to be reconstructed from source material, or for new projects.