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! gold = 2
arrow = 0
score = 0
You enter the fletcher'}s shop. The fletcher beckons, {"There are arrows for
sale and a range out back to try your skill and fortune. For each score hit,
you win more gold!"} //
- @shop
You have ->arrow()
{(arrow)|{(gold)| and | but }| and }
{(not gold and not arrow)||->exit}
+ {-gold} {+3arrow}
[You b[B]uy 3 arrows for a gold piece. ]
+ {+gold} {-4arrow}
[You s[S]ell 4 arrows for a gold piece. ]
+ [You walk through the door to [Visit] the archery range. ]
-> range
+ [Leave the store. ] -> exit
- @range
You have ->arrow().
+ {-arrow}
[You s[S]hoot an arrow[.]]
{~ and hit the target, winning 1 gold piece!
{+gold} {+score} ->range||}
and miss.
+ [You r[R]eturn to the archery shop. ] -> shop
- @arrow()
{(arrow)|no arrows|an arrow|{(arrow)} arrows}
- @gold()
{(gold)|no gold|a gold piece|{(gold)} gold}
- @exit
You depart the store through the back door with ->gold().
{(score)||All told, you scored {(score)} hit{(score)|s||s}.}
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