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Yes, roots are my trade. I am a rooter. My name is mkroot. I arrange, design, and sell roots.
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This is a generalized project root skeleton and skeleton generator.

To activate this root in a bash shell:

. bin/activate

Then, using this package root, you can replicate the current package root:

cd ~
mkroot foo
cd foo

Or, if you have an existing root that you want to bless with activatability and replicability:

cd ~/foo

Then, you can configure that package root with whatever directories you want to activate by editing its copy of package.conf.

activate PATH bin
activate LDPATH lib
activate PYTHONPATH lib/py
activate RUBY_PATH lib/rb
activate NODE_PATH lib/js

Then you can activate your new root:

. bin/activate

package.conf is a shell script that's executed in its own directory, so you can continue to do other shell script things in there.

You can use this tool to create template roots. Once a root has been activated, the mkroot command will replicate the currently activated prototype.

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