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kriskowal committed Jan 6, 2013
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@@ -154,9 +154,15 @@ contained files and directories, without following symbolic links.
### move(source, target)
-Moves a file or directory from one path to another. If the target
-exists and is a directory, moves the source into the target directory
-with the same base name as the source.
+Moves a file or directory from one path to another. Cannot move over a
+target directory, even if it is empty. Otherwise, does nothing if the
+source and target are the same entry in the file system.
+Node's `rename` implementation, at least on Mac OS X, does not enforce
+the rule that writing over an empty directory should fail. Since Q-IO
+enforces this rule in software, it is not atomic and there is a chance
+that an empty directory will be created over the target path between
+when `move` checks for it and when it overwrites it.
### link(source, taget)

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