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Next major

  • WARNING: The undocumented Method export will be removed. Use sender(op).
  • WARNING: The deprecated node export will be removed. Use nbind.


  • Added isFulfilled, isRejected, and isResolved to the promise prototype.
  • Added allResolved for waiting for every promise to either be fulfilled or rejected, without propagating an error. @utvara #53
  • Added Q.bind as a method to transform functions that return and throw into promise-returning functions. See an example. @domenic
  • Renamed node export to nbind, and added napply to complete the set. node remains as deprecated. @domenic #58
  • Renamed Method export to sender. Method remains as deprecated and will be removed in the next major version since I expect it has very little usage.
  • Added browser console message indicating a live list of unhandled errors.
  • Added support for msSetImmediate (IE10) or setImmediate (available via polyfill) as a browser-side nextTick implementation. #44 #50 #59
  • Stopped using the event-queue dependency, which was in place for Narwhal support: now directly using process.nextTick.
  • WARNING: EXPERIMENTAL: added finally alias for fin, catch alias for fail, try alias for call, and delete alias for del. These properties are enquoted in the library for cross-browser compatibility, but may be used as property names in modern engines.


  • Deprecated ref in favor of resolve as recommended by @domenic.
  • Update event-queue dependency.


  • Fixed Opera bug. #35 @cadorn
  • Fixed Q.all([]) #32 @domenic


  • WARNING: enqueue removed. Use nextTick instead. This is more consistent with NodeJS and (subjectively) more explicit and intuitive.
  • WARNING: def removed. Use master instead. The term def was too confusing to new users.
  • WARNING: spy removed in favor of fin.
  • WARNING: wait removed. Do all(args).get(0) instead.
  • WARNING: join removed. Do all(args).spread(callback) instead.
  • WARNING: Removed the Q function module.exports alias for Q.ref. It conflicts with Q.apply in weird ways, making it uncallable.
  • Revised delay so that it accepts both (value, timeout) and (timeout) variations based on arguments length.
  • Added ref().spread(cb(...args)), a variant of then that spreads an array across multiple arguments. Useful with all().
  • Added defer().node() Node callback generator. The callback accepts (error, value) or (error, ...values). For multiple value arguments, the fulfillment value is an array, useful in conjunction with spread.
  • Added node and ncall, both with the signature (fun, thisp_opt, ...args). The former is a decorator and the latter calls immediately. node optional binds and partially applies. ncall can bind and pass arguments.


  • Fixed thenable promise assimilation.


  • Stopped shimming Array.prototype.reduce. The enumerable property has bad side-effects. Libraries that depend on this (for example, QQ) will need to be revised.


  • WARNING: Removed report and asap
  • WARNING: The callback argument of the fin function no longer receives any arguments. Thus, it can be used to call functions that should not receive arguments on resolution. Use when, then, or fail if you need a value.
  • IMPORTANT: Fixed a bug in the use of MessageChannel for nextTick.
  • Renamed enqueue to nextTick.
  • Added experimental view and viewInfo for creating views of promises either when or before they're fulfilled.
  • Shims are now externally applied so subsequent scripts or dependees can use them.
  • Improved minification results.
  • Improved readability.


  • WARNING: In practice, the implementation of spy and the name fin were useful. I've removed the old fin implementation and renamed/aliased spy.
  • The "q" module now exports its ref function as a "Q" constructor, with module systems that support exports assignment including NodeJS, RequireJS, and when used as a <script> tag. Notably, strictly compliant CommonJS does not support this, but UncommonJS does.
  • Added async decorator for generators that use yield to "trampoline" promises. In engines that support generators (SpiderMonkey), this will greatly reduce the need for nested callbacks.
  • Made when chainable.
  • Made all chainable.


  • Added all and refactored join and wait to use it. All of these will now reject at the earliest rejection.


  • Minor improvement to spy; now waits for resolution of callback promise.


  • Made most Q API methods chainable on promise objects, and turned the previous promise-methods of join, wait, and report into Q API methods.
  • Added apply and call to the Q API, and apply as a promise handler.
  • Added fail, fin, and spy to Q and the promise prototype for convenience when observing rejection, fulfillment and rejection, or just observing without affecting the resolution.
  • Renamed def (although def remains shimmed until the next major release) to master.
  • Switched to using MessageChannel for next tick task enqueue in browsers that support it.


  • Exceptions are no longer reported when consumed.
  • Removed error from the API. Since exceptions are getting consumed, throwing them in an errback causes the exception to silently disappear. Use end.
  • Added end as both an API method and a promise-chain ending method. It causes propagated rejections to be thrown, which allows Node to write stack traces and emit uncaughtException events, and browsers to likewise emit onerror and log to the console.
  • Added join and wait as promise chain functions, so you can wait for variadic promises, returning your own promise back, or join variadic promises, resolving with a callback that receives variadic fulfillment values.


  • end no longer returns a promise. It is the end of the promise chain.
  • Stopped reporting thrown exceptions in when callbacks and errbacks. These must be explicitly reported through .end(), .then(null, Q.error), or some other mechanism.
  • Added report as an API method, which can be used as an errback to report and propagate an error.
  • Added report as a promise-chain method, so an error can be reported if it passes such a gate.


  • Fixed <script> support that regressed with 0.4.2 because of "use strict" in the module system multi-plexer.


  • Added support for RequireJS (jburke)


  • Added an "end" method to the promise prototype, as a shorthand for waiting for the promise to be resolved gracefully, and failing to do so, to dump an error message.


  • *Removed the utility modules. NPM and Node no longer expose any module except the main module. These have been moved and merged into the "qq" package.
  • *In a non-CommonJS browser, q.js can be used as a script. It now creates a Q global variable.
  • Fixed thenable assimilation.
  • Fixed some issues with asap, when it resolves to undefined, or throws an exception.


  • The post method has been reverted to its original signature, as provided in Tyler Close's ref_send API. That is, post accepts two arguments, the second of which is an arbitrary object, but usually invocation arguments as an Array. To provide variadic arguments to post, there is a new invoke function that posts the variadic arguments to the value given in the first argument.
  • The defined method has been moved from q to q/util since it gets no use in practice but is still theoretically useful.
  • The Promise constructor has been renamed to makePromise to be consistent with the convention that functions that do not require the new keyword to be used as constructors have camelCase names.
  • The isResolved function has been renamed to isFulfilled. There is a new isResolved function that indicates whether a value is not a promise or, if it is a promise, whether it has been either fulfilled or rejected. The code has been revised to reflect this nuance in terminology.


  • Added join to "q/util" for variadically joining multiple promises.


  • The future-compatible invoke method has been added, to replace post, since post will become backward- incompatible in the next major release.
  • Exceptions thrown in the callbacks of a when call are now emitted to Node's "uncaughtException" process event in addition to being returned as a rejection reason.


  • Exceptions thrown in the callbacks of a when call are now consumed, warned, and transformed into rejections of the promise returned by when.


  • Fixed a minor bug in thenable assimilation, regressed because of the change in the forwarding protocol.
  • Fixed behavior of "q/util" deep method on dates and other primitives. Github issue #11.


  • Thenables (objects with a "then" method) are accepted and provided, bringing this implementation of Q into conformance with Promises/A, B, and D.
  • Added makePromise, to replace the Promise function eventually.
  • Rejections are now also duck-typed. A rejection is a promise with a valueOf method that returns a rejection descriptor. A rejection descriptor has a "promiseRejected" property equal to "true" and a "reason" property corresponding to the rejection reason.
  • Altered the makePromise API such that the fallback method no longer receives a superfluous resolved method after the operator. The fallback method is responsible only for returning a resolution. This breaks an undocumented API, so third-party API's depending on the previous undocumented behavior may break.


  • Changed promises into a duck-type such that multiple instances of the Q module can exchange promise objects. A promise is now defined as "an object that implements the promiseSend(op, resolved, ...) method and valueOf".
  • Exceptions in promises are now captured and returned as rejections.


  • Fixed bug in ref that prevented del messages from being received (gozala)
  • Fixed a conflict with FireFox 4; constructor property is now read-only.


  • Added keys message to promises and to the promise API.


  • Added boilerplate to q/queue and q/util.
  • Fixed missing dependency to q/queue.


  • The resolve and reject methods of defer objects now return the resolution promise for convenience.
  • Added q/util, which provides step, delay, shallow, deep, and three reduction orders.
  • Added q/queue module for a promise Queue.
  • Added q-comm to the list of compatible libraries.
  • Deprecated defined from q, with intent to move it to q/util.


  • Changed post(ref, name, args) to variadic post(ref, name, ...args). BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE
  • Added a def(value) method to annotate an object as being necessarily a local value that cannot be serialized, such that inter-process/worker/vat promise communication libraries will send messages to it, but never send it back.
  • Added a send(value, op, ...args) method to the public API, for forwarding messages to a value or promise in a future turn.


  • Added isRejected() for testing whether a value is a rejected promise. isResolved() retains the behavior of stating that rejected promises are not resolved.


  • Fixed isResolved(null) and isResolved(undefined) [issue #9]
  • Fixed a problem with the Object.create shim


  • shimmed ES5 Object.create in addition to Object.freeze for compatibility on non-ES5 engines (gozala)


  • Q.isResolved added
  • promise.valueOf() now returns the value of resolved and near values
  • asap retried
  • promises are frozen when possible


  • fixed dependency list for Teleport (gozala)
  • all unit tests now pass (gozala)


  • added support for Teleport as an engine (gozala)
  • simplified and updated methods for getting internal print and enqueue functions universally (gozala)


  • fixed erroneous link to the q module in package.json


  • restructured for overlay style package compatibility


  • removed asap because it was broken, probably down to the philosophy.


  • removed q-util
  • fixed asap so it returns a value if completed


  • added q-util


  • initial version
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