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There are many libraries that consume or provide promises. Here is a list of some of the more popular ones. Feel free to add to this list, providing a link and a short description.

  • Process.js Multithreaded queue for JavaScript.
  • Capsela A promise-based, high-level Node.js web application framework built for testability.
  • Chai as Promised Extends the Chai assertion library with assertions about promises.
  • Dynamo as Promised Promise-based interface to Amazon's DynamoDB
  • Mocha as Promised Adds promise support to the Mocha test runner
  • Q-IO I/O related Q utility funcitons: file system and HTTP client/server/middleware
  • Q-Connection Communicate with remote objects via promises
  • Qx A set of utility methods for working with promises of arrays of promises
  • Joey HTTP route configuration based on Q-IO.
  • QEJS Adds promises to EJS templating.
  • Zanimo.js Animation library wrapping css3 transitions in promises
  • Qajax A simple and pure XMLHttpRequest wrapper for ajax requests.
  • q-xhr A port of Angular's $http service that uses Q for ajax requests with all the features and more.
  • Qimage A simple Image wrapper for loading images.
  • Qretry Retry an action until it succeeds after a max number of try and with intervals.
  • redis-lock-q Port of redis-lock, which implements a locking primitive using redis in node.js.
  • memoizer Redis backed multi-process safe locking memoizer, heavily inspired by redis-memoizer

Many other projects in npm use Q internally or provide Q promises.