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Ruby/Rails centric vimfiles with support for Git, RVM and more.
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Ruby/Rails centric vimfiles and installer


Vim 7.3 or better Tested on MacOS and Linux

Introduction to Vim:

Basic Mappings

The leader is mapped to ,

In Normal mode (Esc or jj)

,p - File browser (NerdTree)

,f - Find in Files (Command-t)

Space - Search in buffer

,a - Search in files (Ack)

,b - Search open buffers (Fuzzy Finder)

,d - close buffer

,D - close all buffers

,Space - Remove search highlighting

,t - Show tags

// - Comment/uncomment (T-Comment)

F5 - Undo history (GUndo)

F6 - Auto format

Tab - Next buffer

Shift + Tab - Previous buffer

,, - Toggle between last two buffers

,m - Jump to model

,v - Jump to view

,gm - Find in app/models

,gc - Find in app/controller

,gv - Find in app/views

,gr - Open routes in split

,gg - Open Gemfile in split

,vir - Visual select inner Ruby block

,var - Visual select around Ruby block

In Insert mode (i)

jj - Back to normal mode

See .vimrc for more.


Gist.vim (:Gist)

Gist current file/selection

Requires setting GITHUB_TOKEN and GITHUB_USER Env's

gundo.vim (F5)

Navigate changes history tree


Align stuff


Git integration

:Gstatus and press - to stage file


Lots of stuff

:Rmodel - jump to model


:help rails


Allow selecting of blocks of Ruby code

var (visual around Ruby)

vir (visual inner Ruby)

ar / ir (expand/contract selection)


Add RVM integration


Terminal/Interactive programs

:Conque zsh

:Conque ls

Note you can also drop back to the terminal using Ctrl+Z, to get back to Vim with %1. This is not a feature of Conque.

vim-tcomment (//)

Comment stuff out

snipmate.vim (TAB)

Snippets, press TAB to expand



Shows history of yanked (copied) text

ack.vim (,a)

Search project for text (aka find in files)

,a word

,a "some words"

nerdtree (,p)

Project file browser

I would recommend for speed using Command-t instead

sparkup (ctrl+e)

Expand CSS selectors div.event in to markup <div class='event'></div>

vim-surround (ys/cs/ds)

Allows adding/removing/changing of surroundings

I would highly recommend getting to know this plugin, it is very useful. Especially when you grok text objects.


ysiw) - surround inner word with ()

ysiw( - surround inner word with ( )

In the above example iw can be replaced with any text object or motion.

If you find yourself manually adding surroundings, stop and work out the correct text object or motion.

cs"' - change surrounding from " to '

ds - delete surrounding


yss<p> - surround line in <p> tags

cst<div> - change surround tag to <div>


Plugin manager

command-t (,f)

Find files in your project with partial matches

,gf - find files in directory of current buffer


A colour scheme, both light and dark version

:set background=dark

:set background=light

vim-fuzzyfinder (,b)

Find open buffer by path/filename

vim-taglist (,t)

Lists method names


Note: If you already have Vim installed ensure it has support for Ruby:

vim --version | grep ruby

You should see +ruby, if you see -ruby you need to reinstall Vim with Ruby support

Install Vim (if not already installed)

MacOS: MacVim / Vim

brew install macvim --override-system-vim --enable-clipboard
Add /usr/local/bin before /usr/bin in your $PATH so you use the version of brew
installed by Homebrew, not the one that comes with MacOS.

By installing Vim in this way MacVim and regular Vim are exactly the same.

Ubuntu: gVim / Vim

I have no experience with gVim, only regular Vim on Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install vim-nox

GNU/Linux from source

If you have an old GNU/Linux distro which does not have Vim 7.3 or better in its repos then install from source:

The configure options below leave out any GUI related features as I have only compiled Vim on a server.

Vim source is in a hg (Mercurial) repository so you need to install the hg client first, e.g. sudo apt-get install mercurial.

hg clone vim
cd vim/vim73
./configure --with-features=huge --enable-cscope --enable-pythoninterp --enable-rubyinterp --enable-perlinterp --enable-multibyte
sudo make install

This installs Vim to /usr/local/bin, check this is in your $PATH before /usr/bin which may contain an older system version of Vim.

Install this Distro

Note: You will already have a ~/.vim folder, either delete or move it.

mv ~/.vim ~/.vim.old
git clone ~/.vim
cd ~/.vim
rake install

or run:

curl -o - | sh

To update your Distro run at a later time

cd ~/.vim
rake update

Install Dependacies


brew install ack
brew install ctags


sudo apt-get install exuberant-ctags
sudo apt-get install ack-grep
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/ack-grep /usr/local/bin/ack

Helpful Stuff


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