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Welcome to the Wisper wiki!



ActiveRecord Callbacks

Rails CRUD with ActiveRecord


Command Object

Rails Controllers




Wisper Gem by Obie Fernandez

DDD with RubyOnRails By Paul Rayner


Using Wisper to Decompose Applications

The publish-subscribe pattern on Rails

Evented Rails: Decoupling complex domains in Rails with Domain Events

Evented Rails: Decoupling domains in Rails with Wisper pub/sub events

Wisper plus Pub-Sub

Decouple ActiveRecord callbacks with some Pub/Sub

Decoupling from Rails - Repository and UseCase

Replacing ActiveRecord callbacks with PubSub

Getting Hexagonal with Wisper, a listener Framework for Rails

Notifications (and how we dealt with technical debt)

Interaction/Service classes with Wisper event broadcasting inside Rails

Domain Driven Rails

Observing record changes across multiple Rails engines with Wisper

Ruby OOP Events and the tell dont ask principle

From ActiveRecord to Event Sourcing

Composition of Orders

Are service objects enough?

Planning ahead: taking a prototype to production

Building a News Feed Backend for iOS

Whisper Ruby


What service objects are not


How To

Questions and Issues

Need to ask a question? Please ask on StackOverflow tagging the question with wisper.

Found a bug? Please report it on the issue tracker.

Open Source Apps/Libraries using Wisper


Wisper ~> 1.0 will only work with 1.9 +, but there is a 1.8.7 compatible version if you are in the process of migrating.

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