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An API for querying PennDOT traffic camera information geographically.
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PennDOT Traffic Camera API

This simple API provides a way to query PennDOT traffic cameras geographically.


  1. mongoDB
  2. PyMongo

Running Locally

python will start all of the servers required for testing or developing on a local machine.

Visiting http://localhost:8000 will display a very simple web page which consumes the API and displays PennDOT traffic cameras near your current location.

Local Servers

There are three server components that will be started:

  1. A mongod server pointed at local PennDOT traffic camera data.
  2. A HTTP server which responds to specific GET requests with PennDOT camera JSON/P.
  3. A python -m SimpleHTTPServer HTTP server serving files out of the current directory.

A Note Regarding First Time Startup

The first time that the servers are started up, they will perform a mongorestore from the versioned mongoDB dump in the data/dump/ directory. This data will be restored to data/db/ and mongod will use it as is dbpath.

The data/db/ is not versioned and contains relatively large working database files. The .gitignore specifies patterns to avoid committing changes to those locations.

Using the API

A GET request made to http://localhost:1776/lat/lng/num will return traffic camera JSON. This URL path has the following requirements to return valid traffic camera data:

  • lat must be a float parseable latitude value
  • lng must be a float parseable longitude value
  • num must be an int parseable number of camera data items to return value

For example, requesting http://localhost:1776/39.875833/-75.348917/2 will return:

[{"loc":{"y":39.875833,"x":-75.348917},"name":"I-476 McDade on Ramp","url":"","miles_away":0.0,"roadId":"i476","road":"Interstate 476"},{"loc":{"y":39.876783,"x":-75.35165},"name":"I-476 SB @ Mcdade Blvd/Exit 1","url":"","miles_away":0.19,"roadId":"i476","road":"Interstate 476"}]

Pretty printed:

        "loc": {
            "x": -75.348917,
            "y": 39.875833
        "miles_away": 0.0,
        "name": "I-476 McDade on Ramp",
        "road": "Interstate 476",
        "roadId": "i476",
        "url": ""
        "loc": {
            "x": -75.351650000000006,
            "y": 39.876783000000003
        "miles_away": 0.19,
        "name": "I-476 SB @ Mcdade Blvd/Exit 1",
        "road": "Interstate 476",
        "roadId": "i476",
        "url": ""
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