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Jamoma GDIF Tools

The Jamoma GDIF tools for Max5 are developed for recording and playing back GDIF files based on the SDIF format.

- Recording data with different frame rates to a single file
- Easy indexing of file names for each recording
- Support for name value tables with metadata
- Playing back multiple data streams from a single module
- Streaming time-tagged OpenSoundControl data

The modules are based on the following frameworks, which can be downloaded from the following websites:

1) FTM,
Note that FTM BETA 13-14 for Mac OSX does not work for the modules. Use BETA 12 (or hopefully a later version when this bug is fixed).

2) Open Sound Control objects from CNMAT,
Note that the OSC-timetag object is not compiled for windows, so time-tags will only work on OSX.

3) Jamoma,
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