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SQLcl extension for UTPLSQL
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....This is a work in progress....

Basic UTPLSQL command in SQLcl

This repo has a utplsql command for sqlcl. This command is SQL>utplsql auto on|off The command will scan all compilations for associated Test Suites then run them.


Step 1: enable.

SQL> set serveroutput on

SQL> utplsql auto on   <<<<<<<<<<<< ENABLED !!!!!!
UTPLSQL Auto enabled

Step 2: compile as normal

SQL> create or replace function betwnstr( a_string varchar2, a_start_pos integer, a_end_pos integer ) return varchar2
  2  is
  3  begin
  4    return substr( a_string, a_start_pos, a_end_pos - a_start_pos );
  5  end;
  6  /

Function BETWNSTR compiled

Step 3: a suite is detected for this function so run it.

SUITE Detected. Running Suite: test_betwnstr ...
Between string function
  Returns substring from start position to end position [.008 sec] (FAILED - 1)
  Returns substring when start position is zero [.001 sec]
  1) basic_usage
      Actual: '234' (varchar2) was expected to equal: '2345' (varchar2) 
      at "KLRICE.TEST_BETWNSTR.BASIC_USAGE", line 5 ut.expect( betwnstr( '1234567', 2, 5 ) ).to_equal('2345');
Finished in .010743 seconds
2 tests, 1 failed, 0 errored, 0 disabled, 0 warning(s)


Run the script included which find sql in the path and populates the SQLCL_HOME,SQLCL_BIN, and SQLCL_VERSION to be used by the maven build process

Maven Repository

The script will add 2 files to the local maven repository. These contain the required java APIs to interact with sqlcl.


The configure script also creates a file which contains the following used later by maven to deploy the custom command to



mvn install this will install the code and it's dependecies into $SQLCL_HOME/lib/ext

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