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Sample application for NodeJS RESTful APIs. This includes CRUD operations for User, Posts and favorite functionality as well.
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Make a NodeJS rest api

Why do this tutorial

I was searching a long time ago about how to make my own boilerplate for nodejs. I hate when I take something from someone else and don't know what happen.

I create this tutorial for helping people to make their own rest api and maybe use it as your boilerplate


This rest api gonna be for a Medium like website. This is a simple blog place where people can follow author and create a post. People can like the post and get notification when a user they follow create a new one.

  • Authentication local + jwt
  • User can create a post
  • User can delete is own post and update it
  • User can follow an other one
  • User get notification on following new post
  • User can like a post
  • User can see all the post they like

Tech use

I use the latest feature of javascript. ES6 + ES7, we compile with the help of babel and webpack v2.

Part 1, Setup the tools



To add

  • editorconfig
  • express
  • eslint
  • babel
  • webpack 2
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