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What follows is a list of features needing imminent work.

  • No immediate needs.

What follows is a list of features needing soon-ish work. The system is usable without them, but they'll soon be required.

  • Make "db" prefix not be hardcoded.
  • Make "DB" preprocessor prefix not be hardcoded.
  • Allow for all structures to have a prefix.
  • Duplicate "unnamed" functions. Right now there's no check for duplicate function names. For example, we might have two update functions for the same thing. This is pretty easy to check.
  • Allow for unary operators and binary equality (eq, neq) on password fields. Right now, I only allow equality.
  • The integers exported are in 64-bit values, which JavaScript does not support.
  • Provide a facility to export bitfields as an array of bit mask components, e.g., 0 -> [0], 3 -> [1, 2].

More longer-term:

  • Allow for more complex queries that would pass multiple structures into a search function. This would occur outside of the "struct" and in the main area.
  • Allow for prepopulating databases with some initial fields.
  • Allow for generic SQL (?) being attached to queries.

Portability notes:

  • Validation for FTYPE_EPOCH will need 32-bit check.
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