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sblg is a utility for creating static blogs. It knits articles together with templates, generating static HTML files, Atom feeds, and JSON files. It's built for use with make-style build environments insofar as a blog depends upon articles.

Benefits? No "CMS", no CGI, no PHP, no funny-markup, no databases. Just a simple open source tool for pulling data from articles and populating templates. The only dependency is libexpat for parsing article content.

This GitHub repository is a read-only mirror of the main repository, which is held on I keep it up to date between versions; so if you have issues to report, please do so here.


Read sblg(1) for a detailed runthrough of operation. The examples directory contains templates for usage. These are installed along with the system.


sblg works out-of-the-box with modern UNIX systems. Simply download the latest version's source archive (or download the project from GitHub), configure with ./configure, compile with make, then sudo make install (or doas make install, if you're on OpenBSD).


All sources use the ISC (like OpenBSD) license. See the file for details.

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