Blacklist specific commands in hubot
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Middleware and commands for blacklisting specific commands in certain rooms or channels


In hubot project repo, run:

npm install hubot-command-blacklist --save

Then add hubot-command-blacklist to your external-scripts.json:



HUBOT_DEFAULT_COMMANDS - comma separated list of command ids that can't be disabled.


Command Listener Id Description
hubot enable <commandId> room.enable Enable the command with a given commandId in your
current room.
hubot enable all room.enable Enable all commands in the current room
hubot disable <commandId> room.disable Disable the command with a given commandId in your
current room.
hubot disable all room.enable Disable all commands except for this packages command and any commands you've listed as HUBOT_DEFAULT_COMMANDS
hubot list commands room.list-commands Lists list all the commandIds split into categories: enabled commands and disabled commands
hubot toggle respond room.toggle-response Toggle whether or not responses will be sent in this room for these commands. (Defaults to false)
hubot toggle override room.toggle-override Toggles whether or not admin users can override and send commands that are otherwise disabled.


If you are using hubot-auth, anyone who is admin or anyone with role [room-name]-admin can run these commands. If you aren't using hubot-auth, then anyone can run them.

If your listener doesn't have an id set using listener metadata you won't be able to disable that command.