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Welcome to the metronome wiki!

A project I’m thinking of starting is for a simple metronome program for Windows. Either in python or flex/flash/air. I can’t seem to find a good windows open source metronome program. =\


  • Volume control
  • Tempo (bps)
  • Accenting
  • At least 4/4 and 3/4 timing settings
  • Changeable tones (wav? midi?)

Existing Metronome Programs

Windows Freeware

  • Hammerhead Rhythm Station Free drum sequencer.
  • Tab Guitar Lessons Free Metronome Simple metronome. No changing sounds, no volume control.
  • Tempo Perfect Metronome Nice design. No accenting or different tick sounds.
  • GiveMeTAC (free) Comes with four different sounds, basic no frills metronome.
  • Drum Station (free) Drum sequencer. Comes with many drum kit sounds. Add drum sounds by wav. Not too bad to use. Limited to 60-200 bps.
  • Power Tab (free) Can do midi sounds, intended for guitar/bass tabs. Complex to use, not really suited for drums or metronome usage. See Guitar Pro for a better alternative.

Windows Non-Free

  • Beatcraft (7 day trial, $40 Licence) Drum sequencer
  • Guitar Pro (15 day demo, $60 Licence) Guitar tab creator and viewer. This is a popular guitar tab program. It can print out standard and tab notation sheet music. It can also add drum tracks.
  • Reason (free 20min demo, $500 Licence) Music studio, pattern sequencer. Complex interface, but very powerful.

Music software

  • Sibeilus (non-saving demo, $600 for Pro, $130 for Sibeilus First) Professional music editing and publishing
  • Finale (30 day demo, various versions from $600 to $30) Music editing and publishing



  • GTick (open source)
  • Hydrogen (open source) I like this drum sequencer. It’s easy to use. There is an old Windows installer for hydrogen, but it is very buggy and unstable in Windows.

Free Online apps

  • Web Metronome javascript and flash based metronome. simple interface, includes accenting.
  • Metronome Online flash-based, simple beat only
  • Best Metronome javascript and flash based metronomes. gui wind-up metronome is a cute idea, but the framerate is too slow on faster tempos. advanced has pattern sequencing but it has a horrible interface.
  • Monkey Machine# java based. Nice interface, but the metronome gui lags behind the sound of the beat. I like the double-click for an accented beat.
  • Gieson Metronome This metronome looks nice, but it doesn’t produce a stable beat. Not recommended for actual use.

Hardware Metronomes