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Arduino Projects

A collection of previous work with LED cubes and matrices from 2009-2010. Code adapted from my high-school team project of building and programming a 4x4x4 LED cube.

Further Documentation:


Software has been developed for Arduino IDE release 0017 and tested on an Adruino Duemilanove (ATMega328).


These library folders must be placed in the Arduino IDE folder under Hardware/Libraries (IDE restart required). If they show up in the Sketch:Include Library menu, they have been installed correctly and code referencing them should compile. Other steps may be required if a different build process (e.g. avr-gcc, avrdude) is used. I originally developed these in such a setup created from the official Arduino in Eclipse documentation [].


  • LedControl was taken from (The version included here is an earlier release as compatibility has not yet been tested)
  • LedCube extends LedControl and maps 3D positions in our specific cube model to the two-dimensional matrix, as well as providing some extra functionality.
  • LedDisplay extends LedControl and provides an interface for controlling 16x16 matrix built from four 8x8 matrices with daisy-chained controllers.

Legacy: This is not used in most revised example sketches anymore.

  • max7221 was my original library for controlling a matrix display which was written from near-scratch for the school project.
  • cube is similar to LedCube described above, but builds on this max7221 library instead of using third-party code.
  • effects implements several animations for the cube and was used in some of the game sketches.


These are arduino sketches (.pde files instead of full .c programs). Full C/C++ source code can be generated through the Arduino IDE's compile process.


  • MAX7221/7219 LED display driver
  • Custom LED Cube design and built by Robin
  • Simple 16x16 LED matrix made from four identical sections, wired in the usual way (based on MAX7221 data sheet etc.)