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* Justin Gehtland (jgehtland)
- Original idea.
* Geof Dagley (gdagley)
- Put into a Rails plugin.
* Larry Karnowski (karnowski)
- Current maintainer.
- Update to Screw.Unit from js-spec.
* Chris Thatcher (thatcher)
- For numerous env.js bug fixes!
* Raimonds Simanovskis (rsim)
- Lots of bug fixes.
* Jason Rudolph (jasonrudolph)
- Documentation and bug fixes.
* Matt Wilson (hypomodern)
- Although we didn't use his patch directly, his ideas were a *great* help in
the "deeply-nested test directories" feature. Thanks!
* Nick Stenning (nickstenning)
- For reminding us to add descriptions to our Rake tasks!
* Tristan Dunn (tristandunn)
- For fixing the nested-describe command-line output.
* Chris Redinger (redinger)
- For pairing & refactoring on the nested-describe command-line fix.
* Corey Haines (coreyhaines)
- For colorizing output.