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# CanTango Roles
-Roles and Role groups extension for [CanTango](
+Roles and Role groups extension for [cantango-permits](
-## Status: Dec 9, 2011
-Most specs except those for Permits have been completed and demonstrates that the functionality works as it should.
-## Ability helper
-* Ability::Helper
- * Role
- * RoleGroup
-These modules are typically included into an Ability in order to access the roles of the ability subject, typically a user (or in rare cases an account).
-The `Role` module has a `#roles` method which returns the role list of the subject.
-The `RoleGroup` module has a `#role_groups` method which returns the role group list of the subject.
-## Configuration Registry
-Roles and RoleGroups configuration via a Registry.
-Roles configuration:
-CanTango.config do |config|
- config.roles do |roles|
- roles.register :admin, :guest, :basic
- roles.system = :simple_roles
- roles.exclude :admin # filter
- end
-Role groups configuration:
-CanTango.config do |config|
- config.roles_groups do |role_groups|
- role_groups.register :editors, :publishers
- role_groups.system = :troles
- role_groups.only :editors # filter
- end
## Permits
-Role and RoleGroup Permits for the Permits engine Ability executor.
+This extension includes `Role` and `RoleGroup` Permits.
## Permit Generators
-Role and RoleGroup Permit Generators
+The gem includes `Role` and `RoleGroup` Permit generators
+### Using generators
`rails g cantango:role_permit admin`
@@ -62,6 +23,8 @@ Role and RoleGroup Permit Generators
Role and RoleGroup filters can be used to filter out specific Role and RoleGroup Permits.
+See [Roles configuration](
## Helpers
Role and RoleGroup helper methods which can be reused in various places, such as Ability executors, Permits etc.
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