Datascript and Datomic tutorial book
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Datascript is based on the Datomic DB created by Cognitect.


Datomic's query and rules system is an extended form of Datalog. Datalog is a deductive query system, typically consisting of:

  • A database of facts
  • A set of rules for deriving new facts from existing facts
  • A query processor that, given some partial specification of a fact or rule: finds all instances of that specification implied by the database and rules i.e. all the matching facts

Data model

The data model in Datascript/Datomic is based around atomic facts called datoms. A datom is a 4-tuple consisting of:

  • Entity ID
  • Attribute
  • Value
  • Transaction ID


[<e-id>  <attribute>      <value>          <tx-id>]
[ 167    :person/id       168373838          102  ]
[ 167    :person/name     "James Cameron"    102  ]
[ 234    :movie/id        173532083          102  ]
[ 234    :movie/title     "Die Hard"         103  ]
[ 234    :movie/year      1987               103  ]

The following query finds all entity-ids that have the attribute :person/namewith a value of "Ridley Scott":

[:find ?e
 [?e :person/name "Ridley Scott"]]

Useful resources

Learn datalog queries