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+# Ember.js Examples
+These apps are designed to illustrate features and best practices of
+Ember.js. You can see them running at
+## Todos
+As required by law, our JavaScript MVC framework includes an
+implementation of a todos app. This version was inspired by [Jérôme Gravel-Niquet's Backbone todos sample](
+If you'd like to compare and contrast JavaScript frameworks, we suggest
+you visit [Addy Osmani's TodoMVC project][2]. We think the Ember.js
+version excels in its simplicity, brevity, and focus on the task at
+hand--not routine boilerplate.
+## Simple Bindings
+This simple example illustrates how Handlebars templates update live in
+response to user entry. You'll note that, despite being totally
+interactive, we haven't actually written any procedural code. Instead,
+we describe our model, then, using Handlebars, describe what HTML should
+be displayed depending on its current state. With Ember.js, you can
+display sophisticated views using Handlebars—and never have to write the
+code that makes sure they stay up-to-date when the model changes.
+## Contacts
+Designed to illustrate a real-world application, this contact manager
+displays a list of contacts sorted by name. To edit a contact, select it
+from the list, then double-click on either the first or last name on the
+right. A dynamic text field appears that allows you to change the
+contact's name. Note that as you type, the list on the left
+automatically updates with the new value.
+This example also illustrates how to create a user interface for editing
+an array that dynamically changes size. After selecting a contact, click
+the "Add Phone Number" or red delete buttons to see it in action.
+To see how an Ember.js application might load records from the server,
+switch to the `contacts` directory in your terminal and run `node
+server.js`. Then, visit `http://localhost:3000`. At application
+initialization, the data will be retrieved from `contacts.json` instead
+of being generated from fixtures.
+(Note that at this time, data entered in the web interface is not saved
+back to the server. Pull requests that update this app to use Ember Data
+are welcome.)

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