This is a fix for the same set of warnings on the refactoring branch #2

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dburt commented Jun 2, 2011

This one also comes with a free refactoring of a highly redundant method down to a single line.


Hi dburt :) Thanks for looking into and debugging/fixing geo_magic. I have since then extracted much of the functionality into geo_calc and geo_vectors. If you look into those projects the code is much cleaner IMO, and would allow for a much slimmed down version of geo_magic. Also the new geocoder gem now provides some very good geo coding functionality, and I am not sure if geo_magic supports the latest API or is even needed in this context?
Would like to get some thoughts from you :) skype id: mainster-dk

@kristianmandrup kristianmandrup merged commit 269c948 into kristianmandrup:refactoring Jun 2, 2011
dburt commented Jun 6, 2011

I just wanted the warnings to stop on a project that already uses geomagic! We might move to geocoder, it does look pretty good, and we will probably move to it when we're working on the geo bits again. We're only using simple IP-to-location at the moment, which any number of libraries are capable of.
You can email me at if you have any questions.


Thanks! I am planning to extract the shapes logic into a geo_shapes library, then I will slim down the next version of geomagic to mostly be a wrapper for other geo functionality, perhaps with some nice DSL features. I might email you for suggestions on this: "what you really want/need ?"

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