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Ruby Money::Bank interface for the Google Currency exchange data

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Google Currency

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This gem extends Money::Bank::VariableExchange with Money::Bank::GoogleCurrency and gives you access to the current Google Currency exchange rates.

You have to load one of the JSON libraries supported by MultiJSON (json for example) if it's not already loaded by your application. In a Rails application, ActiveSupport provides a JSON implementation that is automatically recognized.


require 'money'
require 'money/bank/google_currency'
require 'json'
MultiJson.engine = :json_gem # or :yajl

# set default bank to instance of GoogleCurrency
Money.default_bank =

# create a new money object, and use the standard #exchange_to method
n = 1.to_money(:USD)

An UnknownRate will be thrown if #exchange_to is called with a Currency that Money knows, but Google does not.

An UnknownCurrency will be thrown if #exchange_to is called with a Currency that Money does not know.


Copyright (c) 2011 Shane Emmons. See {file:LICENSE} for details.

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