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Make it possible to pass a constant (not a string) to the class_name option

Make :lazy_loading "true" by default when defining a child component

Make :items option also accept a hash.

Caching for netzke_controller-provided JS and CSS.

Caching - investigate reusing (fragment?) caching of Rails.

Move JS classes out of the main page to a cachable includes (moffff)



Get rid of Symbol#action and Symbol#component

Get rid of String#l

Ideas that didn't work out

Making value from super-class accessible in the block parameters in endpoints

endpoint :call_server do |params, orig|
  orig.merge(:set_title => orig[:set_title] + " extended")

Bad idea because calling the super method is often required AFTER doing something in the override, not BEFORE. For example, deliver_component in GridPanel in Basepack is overridden to reconfigure the components on the fly before actually delivering the component (i.e. calling super). So, to override an endpoint, simply define a method with endpoint's name, e.g.:

def call_server(params)
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