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This is a simple plugin to help you display some social icons in your site.

Icons supported so far:

  • Facebook like button
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Delicious
  • Reddit
  • Digg
  • Youtube (and many more...)

CSS files

  • social_icons_aqua
  • social_icons_aqua_all
  • social_icons_default_16
  • social_icons_default_20
  • social_icons_default_24
  • social_icons_default_48
  • social_icons_default_60

Adding custom sprite icon sets

The sprites and CSS files were generated using spritegen

See the 'pictos-icons' and 'world-flags' gems for more examples and tools to generate your own sprite customization, including: grayscaling, lighten/darken icons etc.

Installation and usage

This gem is a Rails 3 engine and the asset folder will therefore be included in the Rails asset pipeline when the gem is included in your Rails 3 project (add to Gemfile).

Simply require the social_icons css files in your application.css manifest file.

 *= require social_icons_aqua
 *= require social_icons_default_24
 *= require social_icons_default_60

If you are using SCSS and Compass use @imports, fx:

@import 'bourbon';
@import 'compass';

@import 'social_icons_aqua';
@import 'social_icons_default_60';

Using Aqua sprite

Wrap with an element of class="social"

<ul class="s16 aqua">
	<li class="social google"></li>

Using Default sprite

<ul class="s48">
	<li class="social google"></li>

<ul class="s48 aqua">
	<li class="social google"></li>

View Helper methods

Call "print_social_icons" method in your partials or views.

<%= print_social_icons %>

<%= print_social_icons :icon_set => 'default', :size => 20 %>

Specific icon methods:

  • facebook_like_button
  • social_icon_twitter
  • social_icon_facebook
  • social_icon_digg
  • social_icon_delicious
  • social_icon_reddit

See lib/social_icons/view_helpers.rb for details ;)