Salt state that will install a Teamspeak 3 daemon.
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Teamspeak 3 Daemon, Salted

Salt state that will install a Teamspeak 3 daemon. Works with Xubuntu machines.

Getting started

Done on a Lenovo Ideapad 700 with Xubuntu 16.0.4 LTS live-USB, tested also with Xubuntu and Kubuntu 18.04 LTS Live-USB.

First I updated my packages.

sudo apt-get update

Installing and configuring salt-master and salt-minion

I install the salt-master daemon and salt-minion daemon.

sudo apt-get -y install salt-master salt-minion

After I installed salt-master and salt-minion I configured the /etc/salt/minion and /etc/salt/master files.

sudoedit /etc/salt/minion
master: [IP-address]
id: teamspeak

Then the master file to get rid of the file_ignore_glob error message.

sudoedit /etc/salt/master
file_ignore_glob: []

After I edited the files I needed to restart the salt-master and salt-minion daemons.

sudo systemctl restart salt-master.service
sudo systemctl restart salt-minion.service

Accepted the salt-minion key.

sudo salt-key
sudo salt-key -a teamspeak

Tested that the minion responds by using

sudo salt 'teamspeak'

It returned with the value "True" which means it works.

Top.sls structure

Create the top.sls so that it will highstate all machines with "teamspeak" in its name, eg. teamspeak99, teamspeakKube and so on.

    - user:
    - firewall
    - teamspeak3daemon

After this all Salt-Minions connected to the Salt-Master with the name teamspeak-xxxx will create a Teamspeak 3 daemon.


SaltStack Docs for motivational loss in general and course page

Jori Laine, Arctic CCM Project for the ISO-file

Rufus for creating the LIVE-USB

My personal website/portfolio