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Defx icons

Custom implementation of vim-devicons for defx.nvim.

screenshot from 2018-11-22 23-39-41


:Defx -columns=icons:filename:type

This column is a replacement for mark column. It will properly highlight selected files.


This is the default configuration:

let g:defx_icons_enable_syntax_highlight = 1
let g:defx_icons_column_length = 2
let g:defx_icons_directory_icon = ''
let g:defx_icons_mark_icon = '*'
let g:defx_icons_parent_icon = ''
let g:defx_icons_default_icon = ''
let g:defx_icons_directory_symlink_icon = ''

Note: Syntax highlighting can cause some performance issues in defx window. Just disable it with the let g:defx_icons_enable_syntax_highlight = 0

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