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Fluent Security configuration for ASP.NET MVC
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Kristoffer Ahl authored
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.nuget - Updated to Koshu 0.5.1.
Build/NuGet - Changed the icon url for nuspecs to use the logo in the master branch.
Dependencies/AspNetMvc Switched NUnit dependency to a NUnit NuGet dependency.
Documents - Updated the release notes.
FluentSecurity.Specification - Added support for including and excluding loading of an assembly fi…
FluentSecurity.TestHelper.Specification - Added and implemented specs for setting expectations on void actions.
FluentSecurity.TestHelper - Added and implemented specs for setting expectations on void actions.
FluentSecurity - Removed code for resetting the SecurityDoctor when creating the sta…
Packages - Enabled NuGet package restore.
SampleApplication - Changed the order of HandleSecurityAttribute to -1 in the sample ap…
.gitignore - Replaced NAnt build script with Koshu build script.
FluentSecurity.sln - Enabled NuGet package restore.
License.txt Bumped version to 0.9.1. Updated license header. - Updated the readme file with the a status icon for the develop build.
build-local.cmd - Added branch parameter.
build.ps1 - Bumped version to 2.1.0.
koshu.ps1 - Updated to Koshu 0.5.1.

Fluent Security



See the Wiki for documentation of Fluent Security

Source code

Build status (develop):

To build and run this project you need to have .NET Framework 4.0 installed along with Powershell and MSBuild. This build is targeted against the ASP.NET MVC 3. To open the solution you need Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Before starting your work you must run 'build-local.cmd' to generate the SharedAssemblyInfo.cs file and to make sure everything is working as expected on your system.





Kristoffer Ahl (project founder)
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