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RequireRole does not apply to base controller actions #14

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Igor Lizunov Kristoffer Ahl AlexanderKot
Igor Lizunov


public abstract class SimpleCrudController : Controller 
    public virtual ActionResult Update(string id)

Descendant controller:

public class ManufacturerController : SimpleCrudController




    .Expect<ManufacturerController>(x => x.Update(null))

Test result:

Expected a configuration for controller "Broxer.Web.Controllers.ManufacturerController", action "Update". Policycontainer could not be found!
Kristoffer Ahl

Currently FluentSecurity does not have support for abstract/base controllers but I will be looking to fix this for the upcoming 2.0 version. No release date has been set for it but it will be sometime before the beginning of May if all goes according to plan. If you provide a pull-request for it I could possible include it in a 1.5 release so let me know and I'll point you in the right direction.

This issue is closely related to issue 11. You can have a look there and see if what I suggested there will solve your issue.


It seems that change
/// Gets actionmethods for the specified controller type
public static IEnumerable GetActionMethods(this Type controllerType)
return controllerType
BindingFlags.Public |
BindingFlags.Instance |
//BindingFlags.DeclaredOnly |
.Where(x => typeof(ActionResult).IsAssignableFrom(x.ReturnType))

Is enough for fixing this issues
After that all tests are executed & methods from hierarchy are taken in account
(i have checked this in my project for hierarchy of generic controllers with last concrete type,
with parallel hierarchy of generic SecurityConfigurer classes , each of them configure corresponding controller)

Do somebody see possible side-effects from such change?
Analyze or not base classes can be not hardcoded, but declared in corresponding For<>(...) methods family

Kristoffer Ahl

Awsome! Haven't tried it but you might be on to something. I'll look into this before the final release of 2.0. Might not make it into the next alpha though. Have bigger issues to tackle before this.

Kristoffer Ahl kristofferahl closed this issue from a commit
Kristoffer Ahl Merge branch 'feature-base-controllers' into develop
Closes #11
Closes #14
Closes #34
Closes #35
Closes #41
Kristoffer Ahl

There's now a fix for this issue. I just uploaded a new alpha version to nuget.

Documentation (temporary):

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